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Both my parents live in the same home for over 58 years. My dad is 88, mom is 86. They are still there. My mother-in-law is 86; still living in her older 1930 Tudor. My aunt, 84 and uncle, 85, are still living in their home they bought new in 1957. My aunt in Palo Alto just sold her home for 1.2 million and moved to assisted living. All are not doing too well, and moving slow. Nick, I think you may be on to something. Thanks for the info. I will pass it along; and perhaps start a new consulting business instead of doing home inspections in Kansas.

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Thanks Nick. This is a great benefit for NACHI members. I am in the process of adding to my Home Information Center and NACHI is by far the greatest contributor.

Again - Thanks.

The article is very god - makesyou look at things a littl differently - it metions a CAIPS - What is that? How do we get certifed - or are we certified by reading the article?