Foam Pellets at Base of Foundation

Hi guys,
I will be doing a HI for a friend next Saturday. When he was at the property he took a lot of pics and asked me about one of them. The house is 3632sqft, basement/crawl configured with a french drain. He said there are styrofoam pellets at the base of the foundation wall in some areas. I wasn’t sure but would ask. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks

It may be from Foamed cellular lightweight blocks. Basically cinder blocks made from a styrofoam/concrete mixture. How old is the property ?

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Actually… very common…

I don’t know where the foam came from but take a look at the picture you posted; the pellets are in a straight line that might indicate they were deposited there during a period of flooding or high water. I am always on the lookout for these “flood lines” in any home I look at. Just a thought

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Thats guys, Pete the house was built in 1987. I thought i read somewhere that in some construction styrofoam sheets were put down before they poured the slab. Maybe Im just thinking to hard. Lol

I read this with the iPhone app. Did not see the picture.

Interesting read Jeffrey. Thanks

Find it all the time, sometimes foam is used to create a gap between the floor and wall when French drains are installed. Often some of the foam remains in the gap and if the drain or sump pump fails the foam remnants are ejected from the gap. I would look into this basement for flooding issues. Hurricane Sandy?

Thanks John. That makes a lot of sense. The property is in east windsor. How did they hold up from the storm? I’m going to see if they have any more pics of the basement.

Styrofoam beads were used to insulate cement block construction. We did the demolition of Midway Airport in Chicago and many of the buildings were insulated with these styrofoam beads.

I think they were without power for a while, but not flooded like the coast near me.

Well, those do look like polystyrene beads from possible bead board and it does look like they were brought there via a water line that was mentioned and slightly visible on the bottom of the block.

And why are those two bottom blocks look like they are bulging in? :):smiley:

Linas, is this still being done today or was that done in the past?

Marcel, I will be checking that out on Saturday. In other pictures I had the shadow of the person taking the pic. I that photo you can see darker areas within the paint.

Here’s a photo of the unconditioned crawlspace. You can see the ductwork up in the floor joists. That opening to the exterior must be 1’x2’. I’m sure those ducts get cold.

About 9 years ago.