Foam spray roof ?

I’m confused, are you saying they had 1/4 - 1/2" of foam over a standing seam metal roof? Do you have photos? I’ve never seen a foam roof over metal. I’ve seen elastomeric over metal and that would be 1/8 - 1/4" unless they had a lot of coats.

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I also doubt that the SPH was applied over a standing seam roof, however it is very common to see it applied over a steel corrugated deck material, normally however the SPF would not be directly applied to the decking, but installed over another smoother instulating substrate.

1/4 to 1/2 inch of foam is way too thin, do you have any pictures of both the roof covering and also the underside of the roof decking?



Sprayed on less than a month ago. Leaks on the interior drop ceilings at several locations were noted.






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That is not realy an SPF roof, it appears to be as you stated a standing seam roof that has been badly “repaired” using SPF materials. It appears that they have used SPF as a cheap fix for a leaky steel roof, I would recommend that the buyer have a more comprehensive inspection done by a commercial roofing specialist, that roof will be a sod to repair properly with the SPF on it as it is.



Gerry, the customer was charged for a spf roof that was suppose to be 1 1/2 inches thick. This is what they got. The mininum thickness that I have been able to find is 1" which this deffinetely is not.

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There is no way in hell that that is correct, the owners should take the issue up with the roofing contractor or the SPF manufacturer (as they will be backing any warranty) I am not sure that you would get proper adhesion between the SPF and an enameled metal roofing panel.



Can you believe they gave a ten year warranty on this.

In a word :shock:



Sweet! I hope the current owner collects on that puppy, but I’m guessing they have ‘gone out of business’ and reopened as another company since that job. I’d even go so far as to say that they did more harm then good.

What I have done in similar situations is get permission to discuss the details of my report with all parties. That way I can make sure the seller (and their realtor) understand that I am not making this stuff up, but that their roofer created this problem. Then I get out of the middle and watch the dog fight, usually very fun to watch :smiley:

I have gotten calls from past sellers realtors for future work because I took this extra step.

– bz

Spraying foam roofs is for sure one of the many applications for spray foam. Various types of spray foam equipment can be used for all sorts of applications from roofing to chicken coops.

Hi jlyboult, nice photos of what not to do. Whoever applied this spray foam roofing system had no idea of how to install the system over metal. The foam system has failed do to improper application, light pass thickness and the neglect of proper surface preparation. Although there is no way to tell from the photos, I would say the coating is light too. In order to install the system correctly, the contractor would of needed to install a 2" average of foam. He would of needed to spray on the side of each seam and then filled in the panels. He would of also needed to fill up the panel all the way to the peak, where the unit is, this would of allowed drainage around it. If you would like more info about spray foam roofing, spray foam equipment, or spray foam rigs. contact SprayWorks Equipment Group.

Hi to all. Installing spray foam roofing 5 to 6" thick. There are many things to look for. #1. Check the prep work, prep work should be as if you are going to paint a car.
#2. Check the contractors logs. This should consist of moister and humidity readings along with slit samples throughout the day.
#3. Ask for a slit samples. The slit samples will show how thick the passes have been sprayed. Pending manufacture, passes range from 1/2" to 1 1/2" thick. When installing spray foam, if the passes are sprayed to thick, the foam will get to hot and char.
#4. You might want to ask to inspect the spray foam rig as well. This plays a major factor to the installation. 2 things to look for here. #1. Looking at the spray foam machine, there are 2 gauges in the front, the left side is the A component and the right side is the B component. The 2 should read with in 200lbs of each other. This is a good sign that the contractor is manufacturing the product on ratio. #2. All spray foam machines use some form of air, having air dryers and moister systems in place is vital to the installation. The spray guns use air to operate, anywhere the gun is pointed air is displaced around 100psi. without air dryers and moister systems working properly, the end result can lead to blistering and delamination of sprayed passes. #5. There are many types of coatings used to protect the spay foam system, including gravel. When using gravel, the idea from the manufacture is the gravel will block out the UV and will get hot to evaporate water from the system. #6 When using a protective coating, a base coat should be installed in the same day. If not installed with in 72 hours (pending manufacture) the foam will begin to get UV damage and not allow the coating to adhere. The applied coating thickness will determine the life of the system. There are different types of coatings and specs for them. #7 inspecting the system 24 hours after a rain to insure there is no standing water. Most manufactures will not allow a 10ftX10ft area @ 1" deep of pounding water. #8 during final inspection the system should be inspected for blisters, proper details. #9. Get a copy of the 3rd party inspection. I hope this crash course helps. If you would like more information contact SprayWorks Equipment Group.

Thanks for your timely response and update Dave.

These types of roof coverings in Vero Beach, FL are garbage and are intended as a very low end product to defer the costs of proper removal and replacement of the worn-out roof covering.

I’m doing a wind mit. on new addition with total in and out of old part of home including total new roof and structure. Only original block walls used. Spray foam insulation covers the roof sheathing and trusses. Project built to Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014). I can’t measure nails or see clips.

On the wind mit. form which clip choice or how should I describe in other box?

Guess you can’t, not visible.

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