Nice Roof

WTF were you thinking? :smiley:

what the heck is that?


Is that foamed? :shock: It is so bright in AZ, with the reflection, I can’t tell.

Someone homesick for snow???

Not me!!!

74 degrees today and they’re calling for rain/snow mix over the weekend!!!:mad:

Thank god it was partly cloudy today or I would have needed welding googles to see walking around up there.

I can see it from space on GoogleEarth

Its a foam spray polyurehtane roof As long as it has a warranty it can be a good deal and extend the life of an older roof system.

Brian …lots of our roofs up here looked like that last month, but here we call it snow…jim

Hi Bill,

I hate to disagree but that looks like SPF over an old shingle application, it’s just wrong and the warranty will be non existant.



:lol: He said googles :lol:

Looks like SPF :wink:

Thanx Pal. :oops:

The Home owner had a 10 year warranty for whatever it was. :slight_smile: Of couse it was just about 10 years old. :smiley: