Help with spray foam roof coating

A lady called me to inspect several targeted items in her home as part of a refinancing process. This is the only residential application i’ve seen of this spray foam roof coating, and it’s in pretty bad shape; hail damage and general wear. What can be done with this type of roof? she is looking for a recommendation.

Dam, that is ugly.

Strip it down to bare bones and install a standard roof covering and install the SPF in the attic where I can’t see it breaking down. :mrgreen:

Looks like they sprayed it with “Great Stuff” spray foam from a can.

Looks like “Cool Seal” on top of a mobile home roof to seal and reflect sunlight. Was it a mobile home?

If it is the type with an elastomeric coating it can be resealed as regular maintenance. We have just the foam treatment at one of our church buildings and it can be cleaned and recoated with a thin layer or spot treated at damaged areas. That foam is sticky stuff when it is installed, it really seals tight.

No, Joe, not a manufactured home, but does appear to have been coated with elastomeric. I did want to mention that it still appears to be water tight, just looks like hell

I had that stuff on a commercial flat building a few years back and the Maintenance Engineer mixed it.

Strange stuff but no time to look for the picture tonight.
It is a polymer 2 step mix.

Tell her to call a Roofer

I used to install these systems.
This roof looks functional. UV deteriorates the foam exponentially, so SPF roofs are ALWAYS a system that requires regular maintenance. Typically, these roofs should be chemically cleaned (bleach and water) and pressure washed every 2.5 yrs and recoated every 5 years. If this is done, they will last indefinitely (in theory).
A high quality elastomeric should be used. Big box stores don’t have any, independant paint stores or roofing supply houses would be the place to find it. A couple of quality products are 1)Gaco Roof and 2)Lanco Urethanizer.

I wonder if these roofs are so good why have most home inspectors not reported on them .
I have never seen one .
What is the cost to do a normal 1400 foot bungalow

spf mostly used on low slope comm
check this out
and click logo for all estimate options

Thanks Barry never seen one in Canada.

That would be a square board foot price around here. :slight_smile:

I agree this system can typically last quite a while as long as it is properly applied and with regular maintenance. One of the downsides I have observed with this type of spray foam overlay system is moisture intrusion getting trapped between the foam and roof decking.

In Port St. Lucie, FL, I would rec a complete tear off and re-roof.

What a mess!

Roy, this type of roof covering is worthless. The cost is irrelevant.

Most have not reported b/c the public has learned over the yrs that this type of roof covering is a p.o.s. and not worth having. Sorry-*** roofers used to sell this to unsuspecting HOs in Sebastian, FL as a very cheap way to avoid having to do an expensive re-roof job.:twisted:

That needs to be removed, reapplied if they want SPF, obviously it hasn’t been maintained.

I find SPF on just about every low sloped commercial roof system built in the last 5 years in the Phoenix area. Older SPF coatings I inspect usually need maintenance, from the lack there of.

With a cementious top coat it has a 25 year guarantee in the blazing 115 degree desert heat.

Great roof coating if applied correctly by a professional.

Thanks I had that feeling after talking to a close friend a roofer

It’s normally about $3.50/sf. These systems are great for certain situations, but not for every scenario.