Blisters on flat roofing.

This is one I haven’t seen.
Don’t even know what to call it at the moment, but I’ll figure out something.
And NO! If you don’t have a clue don’t even comment.
I don’t want to here refer, I will do that anyway.
It is some sort of foam.

That is a SPF roof. Very common here in AZ.

Do a search for SPF roof covering and you will find all the info you need.
There are several different repairs for SPF roof which depend among other things the size of the blisters.

From your pictures it looks like a poor install job as there is way too many blisters.

search here they have whatever you need to know about spray foam
may have to register for access

What is the life on that stuff ?

Picture walking on styrofoam and that is how I picture the durability.

Thanks Guys.

Bob, here is another site to look at for info on SPF roofs,

They have a long 30+years IF properly cared for.

odd that they have lesser on the link

If the coating for an SPF roof is properly maintained, then an SPF roof can last a very long time. Every ten or fifteen years, depending on the type and amount of coating installed, the roof will need to be cleaned, primed, and recoated. If this is done, then a quality SPF roof could last 50 years or longer."

i seldom see more than 10yrs here

Thanks Jeffrey

Reminds me of barrier eifs and we know what happens when that stuff develops an opening.

Same thing can occur with EPDM however .