Follow the water trail!!

POS near Cleveland!!

Home has an inferior basement system.

Exterior all graded towards building, poor roof drainage.

Major settlement at patio enclosure, water entering basement.

Inferior basement system with 2 sumps, 1 crock full of water and discharged all the way across crawl to other crock discharge in basement. What a waste of pipe!!

I really would like to take the installer of the inferior system and dunk his head into the sump crock and ask them what the F were you thinking!!

These pics do not tell the entire story but I think you get it. You guys are intelligent.

people are getting so ripped off.

John Bubber were are you!!

Hey honey have you seen junior?? Yes dear he is out in the enclosure floating his boat and playing in the water!!

228812 101 (Small).JPG

228812 136 (Small).JPG

228812 022 (Small).JPG

228812 015 (Small).JPG

Why are “YOU” playing in the water?!

I don’t think I’d want to get that close to anything in that house… :wink:

I had the pump unplugged, I wanted to move the water around for a better camera shot. Thanks for caring about my health:D

So picture 2 pumps on opposite sides of the basement & crawl and instead of discharging the 2nd to the exterior about 3 feet away they add about 100 feet of discharge, Tee it above the 1st pump and then run another 25 feet and dump it next to the foundation so it can seep into the basement and start all over again. :roll:

This is a moisture recovery evaporative cooling system, is it not?! :wink:

Another good find/pic’s Mr Macy :mrgreen:
Yep, some things (inside system idiots) will never change.

Pic’s 27–34 here, see where the dumb water was entering and umm duhhhhhhhh, what was REALLY needed to STOP it, not divert it

Sheeesh Kristmas, all someone needed to do was be HONEST,EXPERIENCED…and do w t f was done in those pic’s. Since ths HO’s CORNER also needed to be done(last 2 pics), if i remember correctly i charged them $50 more to do the PORCH…think the total was $1,075.

And yet the INSIDE SYSTEM smelly,incompetent TURDS charge MORE to DIVERT the dumb azz water lolol. And MANY CITY inspectors think this is just fine/exactly what was needed…pfft.

Here’s some incompetent fool plugging B Dry…Andy’s Tv huh, lol!!!

Here’s the same TURD plugging B Dorks as they put ‘rigid seal garbage’ against basement wall. Eh, ALL this piece of cheap shtt does is HIDE/CONCEAL the wall, hide’s water,crack(s),mold,efflorescence…yep.

Here’s HOW it often goes with just about all inside system companies…
…the sales pitch, the SUPPOSED engineer-bullllllshtt and so on and so on

John B, always great to hear from you!!

basements are typical in Montreal. Why do agents give me hell when I tell them I see this coming.
2 sub drainage basins are normally an indication of past issues and the water issue was not fixed. Seen that before.

I thought yellow snow was easy to spot. Why they h-e-ll did I spend my good money on an IR if all I had to do was look for green.