Interior Basement system

Lets see:

Pump does not work/ no back up/Crocked blocked with debris(Nice place for the basketball/Mold on the panels/Water still seeping into the basement/Crumpling block/brick at top of foundation.

And lets leave all the downspouts and gutters to dump water on the foundation/Keep a poor slope to the house/Original terra cotta drainage leaders with trees within 3 feet.

Nice system!!

133309 112 (Small).jpg

133309 135 (Small).jpg

133309 132 (Small).jpg

133309 105 (Small).jpg

133309 104 (Small).jpg

And you had a problem with all this???:wink:

As usual, another leaky basement that was not competently and honestly diagnosed instead opting to install an inside system rather than stoppping the water from where it first enters. ](,)](,)](*,)

Can`t tell for sure,did they put some sort of sheeting against inside wall?

The Beatles/Nowhere Man …hes as blind as he can be, just sees what he wants to see,Inside System Man can you see anything at all

No, but whomever purchases this gem will!