"The drainage system originally installed at the build is dysfunctional

Bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsht, incompetent! This is what many of these interior basement system salespeople tell homeowners in order to help sway them into thinking their problem is drainage, drain tiles, and they’ll then bllshtt 'em further by telling homeowners they DON’T need to do any exterior waterproofing and that they can install drain tiles/drainage on the INSIDE, all bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsht!
http://aquaguardwaterproofing.com/ video at the 1:20 mark…The drainage system originally installed at the build is dysfunctional…
2:45… ‘I think we can supplement the drainage on the exterior with an INTERIOR system and a pump’

See, looolololllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Friggin nonsense!!! Supplement? Why don’t these salespeople/esti–dorkers supplement my nuggets in their JIBZ!!!

There are EXTERIOR cracks in the basement wall, cracked parging etc and THAT is where the water is first entering the block walls and THAT is WHY there is efflorescence, paint peeling etc!!!

MORE…ONz, moron, moron, moron, mornzzzzzzz.
Incompetent, misleading, misrepresenting the ACTUAL problem and SOLUTION!!!

This homeowner had Aqua-turdz out, see/read what happened…same outfit in video!

This site is dedicated to consumers who were (and will continue to be), victimized as we were.

Similar paint peeling, efflorescence etc on basement wall here…duh!

Click through these photos to see the REAL, existing problems/defects, on the outside of the basement wall and the ONLY solution, which by the way cost $3,200 ish (you will pay MORE for a stoooopid interior basement system that will not stop the water, efflorescence etc!!)

Over and over and over I TRYYYYY to show ya, explain that your problem(s) are NOT this supposed nonsense about ‘drainage’, jesus help them!

Another thing about these interior basement system companies is they’ll LIE, mislead, misrepresent exterior waterproofing and… the COST of exterior waterproofing.
WHY would they do that you ask? loooloolllllllllllllll
Beeeeeee-cause, they don’t do exterior waterproofing or don’t want to and, they make MORE MONEY installing interior systems, much less labor and material-costs involved!

These salespeople aka, ‘estimators’ (is that anything like mastur—b__tors, huh?)…
are either incompetent when they’re in your basements supposedly accessing your problems or, they LIARS… period!

Here’s another similar photo and photo album per that Aqua–turd video

Same house, see where the real problems were and the only means of fixing them…
COST? was close to $1,700.
You’d have paid MORE for any interior basement system and, you’d have the SAME problems, that’s right.

Add to this blllshttt, and as Mr Belrose pointed out on a recent post, many of these companies will also try and BS you, sell you, unneeded carbon fiber straps or wall anchors etc, they sure will. They’ll try and tell you your wall is collapsing and other stuff in order to tack on thousands more, yep.
Something like this, 2 photos… $10,000 for this CRAP

You see the plastic/whatever crap against bottom blocks?
You see how the basement floor was j-hammered aka, interior system?
You see how the WALL/blocks look? (which is why many of these scumball companies COVER, aka HIDE, most or all of the block walls these days)
Ask yourselves, WHY did this homeowner call ME? lolol Think!

They called my azz because it still leaks!
They called me because the supposed LIFETIME guarantee… was NOT!!!

And ANY city inspector who ‘okays’ this kind of crap, installing interior systems, (if and when these chumps pull a permit) when the homeowners actual problems/defects are on the outside of the basement wall, are also incompetent and need to be SUED because, duhhhh, they okayed the permit on the installed system, passed their incompetent inspection, while the homeowners problems/existing defects were NOT fixed!!!~

These dang city inspectors tell us crao like, ‘Oh, we require permits because we want to protect our citizens from the scammers, from contractors who rip off our citizens’, from unscrupulous contractors, etc etc
BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHT, that’s blllll-------shttt baby!

How are you city inspectors doing anything for these homeowners who just had an inside system installed that YOU okayed and, that was NOT necessary, did NOT fix the actual problems!!! They just paid $10,000 for an interior system that did NOT do sqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqquat az holes and that YOU, the CITY okayed!!!
This is ABSOLUTE incompetence, negligence on the city’s part, it sure as shttt is!

THIS, in these photos, happens ALL the time…when a city inspector okayed,passes the permit for the installation of this kind of GARBAGE! The homeowner is out $15,000,
Hence, just because a city may require a permit on any type of waterproofing does not ever mean, you the homeowner can rest peacefully and think, ‘Boy, if the city okayed the inside system companies work, I’m all set’. NON-----fkgggg-SENSE!!!

The Tower/Angel … 'wind is raw, the air is stale, on this cold winters night, Bubba sent alone to tell a tale, from the land of fairy tale basement waterproofing…journey starts in your leaky basement with canzz of Budweisers as my guide…just a light, from the tower!!!

I disagree. The city is not responsible and may end up being liable if they tell residents not to have a system installed. The city can only require a permit and make sure the system is installed correctly as per the adopted codes in that jurisdiction.

Interior system installed here… twice. Homeowner out $15,000
A city inspector should have stopped the crap job from being done/finished when they go in basements like these and plainly see cracks in bowed walls, seepage, mold, efflorescence… it should be automatic to them and they should EXPLAIN to the homeowner that the inside system being installed will NOT stop water from entering and will not relieve, reduce any lateral soil pressure and roots which caused these cracks, leaks and bowed walls in the first place.

If not then they don’t know w t f they are ‘inspecting’, okaying/passing, protecting the citizens, which is what we often hear from them, pffftttt.

‘Making sure the system is installed correctly’… why bother?
An interior system installed ‘correctly’ is NOT going to stop water, bowed walls, mold, efflorescence as in photos.

The problems are on the outside, period and is true in most cases.

Interior basement system’s were installed here, 4 different houses, all leak and have more mold/efflorescence etc in Eastpointe, St Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe Woods MI, all 3 of these cities ‘inspected’ the interior trash

This piece of sht interior pressure relief system was installed in Grosse Pointe Woods

All homeowners scr_wed over, all out many thousands and have the same or worse problems. How much did the city, the inspector, help protect these peeps? All had to have exterior waterproofing done which was what they needed BEFORE the az nine interior companies and city inspector showed up and did their incompetent, negligent blshtt.

If a DUMB az homeowners insists on having an interior system installed even after a city inspector explains what the real deal is then, have the dumb az homeowner sign something which would take the city/inspector off the hook, down the road.

2 girls die in possible pesticide exposure…

Bug dude drops pellets in lawn along driveway and by porch…
“Investigators believe the fumes found their way into the Toone home THROUGH tiny cracks where the foundation meets the building”

So anything like this…

Or anything like this, where my scraper is stuck in basement wall crack just below grade/just below concrete/driveway side…

Cracks by porch, yep, water, insects, GAS can enter here too…

ANYONE want to recommend to homeowners who have anything like this to install an interior basement system?

Some should THINK a little more about keeping everything sealed up.
Inside system companies could care LESS.
If there were no exterior cracks/openings at the Toone’s home then maybe those 2 lil girls would still be alive today.

'The fumes found their way in through tiny cracks where the foundation meets the building"

Hmm, what about holes in walls just below grade, like this/photo?
Can fumes/gas get in here? You bet.
So what good would any interior system and 100 sump pumps in any basement do, installed correctly or not, when the homeowners problems are anything like this/photo, or below/photo…

Deteriorated exterior blocks in basement wall, could fumes/water etc enter here? loloool
B Dry and another interior company TRIED BS’g this homeowner, as they do to others…and it would have cost them MORE money versus what we did.

What good would any city inspector do in going to a house/basement and inspecting a dumb az interior system when a homeowners problems are anything like this.

If a city inspector doesn’t know much or squat on this subject then, that’s their problem/fault and they shouldn’t be ‘inspecting’ shtt they know little if anything about, sheessh

Here, interior basement system was installed, local building inspector approved another piece of crap system that did NOT stop the water from where its entering…

i agree totally with Mr Macy, “Local building inspector is inept…the homeowner was RIPPED OFF, exterior excavation is needed to properly waterproof the home”


So its somehow better for a city to not get in the way, not learn this subject and keep allowing its citizens to get ripped off?

Hmmm, from where my old az sits, the city is in part responsible for the homeowner getting packed in the rear end. They, the city, okayed–passed this piece of crap system that often costs $10,000 or more.

Say again, if one doesn’t know what they’re doing, ummm inspecting, then maybe they shouldn’t be… inspecting. looool

They don’t even get their chubby butts up on roofs to, fully, correctly inspect the dang roofs… geezuz. This world has turned into one weak, stinky, sn_tch.