footing drainage

This is a shot of the footing cross drains in a home that was moved and set on a new crawl. The grade was roughed on the exterior but and had a few sinkholes around the perimeter and these drains give me the impression that the drain tile was not covered with a silt screen or gravel. Although I don’t want to cite code the house is in a rural location and it has not had any municipal code inspections. Is this evidence enough to warrant excavation and proper backfilling? The exterior grade is very rough and the finish landscape wont go in for several months.
The second recommendation I made has to do with the crawl space floor. Even if it was left unfinished I recommended a vapor barrier. I told the buyer the preferred method was to insulate and pour a concrete floor. Can the interior of the footing be exposed like this or should the gravel cover the footing if a floor is not desired?