InterNACHI awarded 2009 BBB Gold Star by Better Business Bureau.

InterNACHI awarded 2009 BBB Gold Star by Better Business Bureau.

I consider BBB to be an “extortion” and SHAM organization. The only BBB complaint against me in 30 years in either construction or home inspection was about 3 years ago…for my report breaking a home sale!!!

They sent me a letter saying I should join and have them arbitrate between myself and the complainant who by the way was not a BBB member or paid nothing for the consumer protection they claim to offer.

When I told them “No way”. They said the complaint would stay there for at least 3 years…and they would not remove it.

If I performed so badly as a home inspector, why didn’t the vendor take me to court where he could truly have his day… and walk away with his tail between his legs…but the grand BBB with no proof I did anything wrong in my job as an HI has an unresolved complaint listed against me.

I did notice though that our largest city, Toronto, does not have a BBB office…smart folks must live there!! Must be just “hicks” that believe there is really protection with BBB!!

Have a look at Ripoff Report:

A very scary web page:

One final irony: if you have a complaint against the Better Business Bureau, you can’t file it with the Better Business Bureau. And just as Groucho Marx once quipped that he would never join a club that would have him as a member, the Better Business Bureau is not a member of its own organization.