For Roy Cooke......

Thanks for sharing Brian, they are examples of people that we need so many more of in the world!

That story was the lead-in for CBC Radio’s “Q” with Jian Ghomeshi this morning at 10 AM.

Yes Brian and???
The couple have made the news for 1 year now.
Very nice couple.
To bad he lost his wife to cancer.
They are fine examples of your provinces population.
Eastern Canada has a bigger heart in my mind than the rest of Canada. Per capita.
Just an opinion.

Most people share it!

Brian he is just giving you a taste of what you do to INACHI almost daily.
Do not take it personal.
I see you helping members Brian.
You get more work done on the inside helping AND TEACHING HI’S going to the outside.
Just a thought.
Have a great day Brian.
You are a good sport.:slight_smile:

"Rev. Ian Harrison of the Old Barns United Church visited the couple at home many times, and said their generosity was always evident.

‘I would never leave the house without something in my hands on the way out,’ Harrison told CTV Atlantic."


Joe you have to be a maritimer to understand that statement."-—something in -my hands on the way out."
My parents are from New Brunswick and we frequented Nova Scotia.
There age and culture represented a time when the church was highly respected and played a large roll in the community.
Most gave 10 % or the earnings and more if they could afford to, too support the have nots…
They are, or were, an old school couple and the church using old school lobbing methods.
Thats all Joe.

Some of the best people I have met Come from the East coast .
I have a grandson Born there .
I have met very few who I would are not so nice.
Visit ( I have many times ) and you find out most are the “salt of the earth”… Roy