It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of long-time member Roy Cooke

Roy was an awesome member for 17 years who helped InterNACHI and the Master Inspector Certification Board countless times.


Note the credit to Roy Cooke near bottom of

Thanks Nick for posting that.

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Sad to hear. Thoughts go out to his family. RIP Roy.

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That is so sad, I enjoyed the information Roy shared, he will missed. My condolences to his family. RIP Roy

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God speed Roy.

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Fuck Roy you will be missed

God be with you Roy

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I was awaiting your post Nick. Thank you. As you know. Char and Roy Cooke Senior immortalized InterNACHI in Canada. Roy Cooke Senior was the elephant in the room no mater were he went.

I had been in touch with Roy right after Char’s passing. Char was a lovely charming lady. I had not spoken to Roy sense then unfortunately. This I truly regret.

Typically/Usually, couples with inseparable relationships like Char and Roy pass within 6 months to one year from one another.

Char and Roy Cooke senior will sadly be missed. I know in my heart they continue their retirement and companionship together fully protected and safe in Our Father warm embrace for eternity.
I miss you, buddy. Truly!