Hey Brian MacNeish, consider this post my personal invitation to join me at my table.

Please join me and my son as our guests at our table at www.nachi.org/toronto2008.htm on Thursday.

I hope to see you there.

Why not send him a ticket or at least offer to pay his way?

OK. Where is he?

Out working!!! I was thinking…but I’m booked this week and the customer comes first. And the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced to stay put!!

BTW, did Mario make it through reading Post #1 without medical intervention? I was worried about him!! Haven’t had time to check other threads to see if he is active tonight! God bless his black little heart!!

PS: G’night! It’s 12:20 AM here and I’m off to bed.

Where are you geographically though? ON?


Brian lives in beautiful Nova Scotia.

Well in that case, I volunteer to go there! :smiley:

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

He can’t say we didn’t graciously try Mario :roll: .

(On the edge of the ocean!!)

Yes, it is…an undiscovered gem for lifestyle, culture, education, history, friendly people and natural beauty…and now companies are starting to invest here. e.g. RIM (the Blackberry people) are setting up a high tech center here, essentially, as they called it- a campus for research and training.

Lifetsyle- lots of lakes, rivers, forests, sports facilities, golf links, national parks (Biker magazine rated Cape Breton Trail one of the top rides in NA along with the CA coast)…you’re never more that 40-60 miles from the ocean or a body of salt water…in the winter not the best skiing around at all times;may have to go to Maine/NH/Ver or north to New Brunswick/Quebec

Culture- Halifax-population 350,000, a seaport and naval base: Fine arts university growing fairly quickly; lots of movies being shot here (last week they were taking shots of the new rural local fine dining restaurant my wife is head chef in…for future reference as a site to shoot on), an actor friend of mine moved from Toronto (cold move, no work guaranteed) 2 years ago and now is pretty well booked up in movies (was in the Amelia Ehrhart flick), commercials and live theater; a circus school; a mix of 4 early main ethnic groups-Scottish/English, French (the southern US Cajuns used to live here until expulsion after a French/Engish war, Natives, and Blacks (freed/escaped slaves, english loyalists; A great music scene from classical to grunge; every summer: an stunning week long international “Tattoo” with 6-10 countries participating, a week long jazz festival with international acts (some stop here after playing NY and leave for London, Montreal,etc; a 10 day Buskers festival; every 3-4 years, a “Tall Ships” event

Education- 8 universities in Province, 4 in city (faculties of Architecture, Medicine/dentistry/nursing, Theology, Engineering, Business, Fine arts, etc)

Friendly people- My son brought an Ontario big city raised gilrfriend back after working at Chateau Lake Louise for the winter- one of her first remarks was that j"ust while standing in line at grocery stores, people start talking to you!!"; This whole city feels like a small town (I say “70 towns of 5,000”), degrees of separation about 1.25!!! As I said on an older thread :I can’t lie about my qualifications because “Someone knows someone that knows the truth”…that’s as close as it is!!
In the last 5 months, I have done 8-9 inspections of people moving/retiring from Ontario/Alberta…only 1 was originally from here!

Personal Story: In 2000, when oil was only $9.50-$10.00 a barrel (remember those days of old not so long ago), my postion as energy analyst responsible for the energy-efficiency act/regulations and enforcement (energy cop) was eliminated (you know politicians thinking: since there was lots of oil and its really cheap so why save it). I mentioned to my wife that we move back to our old spot in New Brunswick where I was known in the HI/construction industries. We spent 24 years having our family, renovated a 200 year old farmhouse, we’re both from there, have family there, etc. Her response: “You can go back and work there, just send the cheques here!!” So here we are…still here! Started up HI fulltime again in a new market with 12-13 established HI firms but hitting stride again as I had my best year last year!!

I’ll give you credit!!

You may want to come around the time of the CAHPI 2008 National Conference in October:


I know that your offer was very genuine Nick, its really too bad that Brian has formed an biased opinion of NACHI [and me] as an association.

Now that is fantasy in action, unless there are some big changes in line for INACHI that haven’t been hinted at by Nick yet.

Originally Posted by gromicko
Well in that case, I volunteer to go there! :grin: