Hot PIC of NACHI's Roy Cooke doing his radio show.

Roy you’da man!

Nice NACHI folder! :wink:

From a post in another section . Roy

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Great picture. Great Guy. Thanks Roy for all you continue to do.-
Thanks John
A Humorous story from when I was on in November .
About a week after being on I got a phone call from a lady .
She sounded like she was about late forties .
Nice and clear and spoke well .
She asked about dampness in her basement and that a person wanted $5,400:00 to make it dry .
Well I said it is hard to make a decision with out seeing the home but Can I ask some questions .
She then proceeded to tell me her dad had built the home before she was borne and that she had lived in it all her life .
As we got talking she said she was 83 years old (Wow!)( sure surprised me).
I then said Oh then if must be a rubble stone home she said yes it was .
I said well Rubble stone homes are hard to water proof and that in My openion the best she could do ( She jumped In and loudly said) ( I new that S#n of A Bit** was trying to screw me ) well I just about lost it had a hard time controlling my self .
( she then said I new I could trust you listening to you on the radio ).
When I got my composure back I said In my openion with out seeing the home I would take about $1,000:00 and make sure the gutters were OK and the down spouts where six feet from the home and raise the dirt all around the out side and take the other $4,400:00 you have save and go to Hawaii and have a great holiday .
She said I LOVE YOU ARE the greatest and I new you would tell me the truth …
She made my day. I have had about 5 like this from my Radio shows but this was the best.
No profit but a great feeling that money can not buy.
Two already today .
Yes I have had some inspections from the shows but many home owners needing help .
Any one wanting a copy of todays show send me email and when I get it on Disk next weak will send it no Charge.
Roy Cooke…

You’re becoming quite a regular radio personality Roy :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

Awesome ROY…lookin GOOD fella…:slight_smile:

Which one is Roy?

The good looking one! :slight_smile:

Roy is on the left closest to the window.

Looking good Roy, keep up the good work!!