Forming a LLC recomendations in Colorado

Who did yours, and what is considered reasonable?

My attorney did mine for a couple hundred dollars or less…it’s been a long time ago, Craig. :smile:

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Thank you, Larry. I just got off the phone. With LegalShield shouldn’t be long now.

No problem, Craig…my pleasure. :smile:

Legal Zoom about $500-$800. I did 2 LLC’s with them and starting a third next week.

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Easy to DIY right there on the state website for minimal expense.

Thank you very much for your links and your information. I truly appreciate it. I’ve made a commitment through LegalShield. It’s in the works as we speak. Thanks again.great forum & a great bunch of guys and gals look forward to participating.

It’ll be nice to have you participating, Craig! :smile:

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Don’t let anyone gouge you. It only involves a few minutes time for them or you.