Found in a wood furnace.

My last client was from the city, never lived in a house with a well, septic, fireplace, and had once heard of propane. Needless to say I had my work cut out for me, since that is what they were buying. When we came to the wood furnace, my initial reaction was to to an overview, and disclaim the rest. He had no clue how it even operated, so I opened the door, and found this…

I think its dead.

Nope. Just resting.

Poke it with a stick.

The buyer removed it before his wife had a heart attack, and asked me not to report it:)


Dinner roasting on an open fire?

I like mine done a little more…

IN Tennessee that is lunch

It appears that the mechanism that operates the blower needs to be replaced.

In New Mexico we put that in a tortilla! Corn or flour!! and add salsa

I got dibs on the brain!!!

Poor little Maurice!

There you were.

May you rest in peace my little nutty friend.

Salut mon ami!

Marc-Andre from Brossard Quebec.

Huh, must mean we’re out of possum again. :smiley:

Squirrel down … one moose to go.

Auto-loading BBQ, no extra charge