Foundation Inspection Request

Property is 20 years old slab on grade. Potential client wants a quote to look at the foundation only, not a full home inspection. They sent me a few photos of the area. For reference, it’s under the right hand window on the porch.

I’ve spent some time going over the photos (haven’t seen the home in person) and I have my own thoughts about the possible issues. I’d like to hear your thoughts about what you see and how you would respond to the potential client.


Unless you are an engineer (structural or soils) you would be wasting the potential clients money. Do the right thing and refer them the right direction.

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I agree 100%. You will go out and find that movement has most likely occurred and refer them to an Engineer or foundation repair company which is where they most likely need to be anyhow.

Are you sure that’s a slab on grade?

Thanks guys! No, I don’t know for sure this is on a slab. I haven’t seen the property in person and was just going off what the owner told me. I agree that an engineer is the right way to go with this one. I spoke with the owner today and told them as much. Oddly enough, they are under contract and are having a full home inspection by another inspector on Thursday. I hope it works out for them!