Foundation QOD- Give them a SHOT !

Based on the IRC 2000 Edition ( to keep the answers from going back and forth )

Q # 1 = How deep must a foundation anchor bolt be embedded into the concrete?

Q # 2 = What is the maximum distance between foundation anchor bolts?

Q # 3 = What is the minimum number of foundation anchor nolts per foundation sill ?

Give them a shot…I know…all this from an electrical guy…heck its all about learning…and the BEST learn at NACHI !

#1 Per R403.1.6 7" but loggically if one buys the standard 12" x 1/2" anchor bolt and expect to bolt a 1-1/2" plate it would get embedded 9-3/4".
If pressure treated lumber is used, then galvanized anchor bolts should be utilized, ZMAX equiv…

#2 6’

#3 As many as required to meet # 2 above. Min. could be 12 if the building size would be rectangular with a perimeter of 32’.

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Marcel…On # 3…wanted the minimum of a single sill plate…not the max…refering to one sill plate board…what is the listed minimum per board.

Paul, Your electrifying questions are paralyizing my brain. ha. ha.

Is the answer two?? Must be a short wall. ha. ha.

What the hell, leave all the anchor bolts out like some Contractors do and let the Framer just Hilti them in. ha. ha.

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IRC 2000 Edition?

That’s ancient, even the 2006 got adopted up here (pa) already [from what I read]. Does the 2000 reference flint and bear skins?



lol…hey…why should we choose 2006 when many areas are still in 2000 and 2003…gotta draw the line in the sand somewhere fella…lol

What ever happened to the question of the day forum?

Hey, wait your turn, I am still waiting for the right answer for question #3. ha. ha.

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ok…my answer is (2)…and one has to be within 12" of the end of the single sill plate…but I just looked…I said Anchor Nolt…what the heck is a nolt…hmmm…

Glad to see I got the right answer anyway.

ok…my answer is (2)…and one has to be within 12" of the end of the single sill plate…but I just looked…I said Anchor Nolt…what the heck is a nolt…hmmm…

See what happens when an Electrian tries to be a Carpenter, a bolt turns in to a volt, and then a nolt.
Does that mean a no-volt. ?? ha. ha.

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lolo…ok…me gots TYPOS

OK my turn, from 2003 IRC 403.1.6

  1. 7’’ imbedded

  2. 6’ max. spacing

  3. min. 2 bolts per plate section

    Paul ask some more IRC questions, I just got my cert. I’ll be right on top of them!


Answers really depends on if you are in a high wind/seismic area or not. Additional requirements apply in those areas. And many would be surprised at areas deemed to be high wind/seismic risk areas … like Alaska and parts of the mid-west for high seismic risk … :shock:

[Couldn’t resist, even though I know you were looking for the answers for standard construction not in a high wind/seismic risk area … :wink: ]


I agree 100%…while this question was as you said…for the standard construction…you are totally correct…it all depends on the area. I know my house is NOT technically in that area…however…when I built it I took extra steps above and beyond the minimum code standards…because I like on the top of a hill…and the WIND is amazing…40-60 MPH nearly 3-5 times a week…while CALM everywhere else.