Weird foundation

Sorry guys I forgot my camera.

Today I ran into a foundation where along the top from where the foundation meets the sill, the concrete appeared to be spalling all the way along the wall. I could see rebar and in some spots the actual sill plate anchors. It was also shimmed in a few places.

Any ideas on what has happend here? Any insight would be appreciated.


I don’t have any idea, but if rebar is showing it needs to be repaired.


Without detailed conditions such as age, vegatation, weather, grade, drainage, soil type, etc. try this site:

But it basically sounds like a bad mix and pour job. Too much water, not enough cement, and unlevel forms.

Pay me now or pay much more later, will be the response from a foundation repair person.

Barry, thanks for the link, Im confidant that this info will come to good use.

Kevin Saunders
Clear View Home Inspection,LLC