Foundation Questions

Would a home inspector be the right discipline for these questions, or, if not, what type of pro might be? Southern Oklahoma.

So, I have several issues going on in my 2 year old house:

  1. Water drips off the house virtually every night of the year, like, 1/4-1/3" No one around me has this issue. So, the soil around the house stays moist needless to say. Not sure if that is good, or not good, but, I don’t understand why just my house.

  2. Today, I go into the garage, and, for the first time, see all these circles on the garage concrete floor, most of the garage floor (but not under vehicles strangely enough). At first glance, they seem like they might be moisture, but, floor is dry to touch. Also, had a piece of cardboard laying on the floor, I would think it would be wetter there if so, no moisture at all. See pictures.

  1. One side of my house stays extra moist. So, obvious causes could be leak. I was gone for 21 days recently, noted water meter reading when I left, was the same when I got back. So, no leak. If it’s a sewer leak, same idea, no water usage. It’s sort of sandy too. You could say high water table, but, they built the house and when it was being built, the ground was certainly not moist at all. In summer when most days are above 100 degrees with no rain, even after 3 weeks, moisture is there. It’s puzzling to me. Not sure if that’s a good thing to have, but, no clue how to diagnose or resolve if not good. I can’t walk there, plant there, too moist.

  2. The inside of the house seems to stay more humid than other houses, as evidenced by several hygrometers. So much so, that in winter even, I at times have to run a dehumidifier. This is not gulf coast. In summer, cooling system keeps the house dehumidified just fine. There are only 2 of us.

House is of foamed insulation. Very energy efficient, we do run all the vents when using water, cooking, etc. Was rated as a green home.

What type of person would be able to help me figuring out what to be concerned about, what to do, etc? I get the impression that home inspectors typically do not deal with these sorts of things. But, could well be mistaken.

Any hints as to what type of pro I could contact?

Water dripping off the house outside or in?
If inside you need an HVAC tech with the knowledge and instruments to determine why you get excess humidity indoors.

If outside, something peculiar is going on, you have a microclimate that is causing the humidity in the area of your house to be higher, ie the dripping water is from dew, or condensation different than your neighbors (assuming it is).
It could be in the ground or there is something else, trees, or an underground stream nearby.
Maybe you are in a hollow that gets cooler?
Maybe there is something about your siding or home that causes it to cool more rapidly so you get the extra dew you neighbors don’t.
Maybe your house is too well insulated :slight_smile:

Aliens may be to blame.
Be careful.

Call Charlie…