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Does anyone have information on treated lumber footings and foundation. I recently inspected a 20 year old home. According to the original builder the home sits on a gravel base, below the frost line, treated lumber planks and on top of them treated framing covered with marine plywood extended approximately 8 inches above grade. The crawl space shows no sign of deterioration.

Has anyone run into this type of construction? It is suppose to be semi popular in various parts of the country, and last for over a hundred years, which I have a hard time believing.

Thanks Don

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I recently inspected an all wood foundation. I am also still a builder and approx. 18 yrs ago I built an new home with a wood foundation at the client’s request. I contacted the APA (American Plywood Assoc.) and they were super. They supplied me with tons of advice and anything I needed. I would recommend looking them up on the Web and download their instructional materials. Great reference material for now and the future