citizens 4 point

I’ve got the new 4 point inspection form from citizens anyone who needs it go to citizens ins. 4 point form, it’s 3 pages, edition 9/2012 you can get for free !

Be a sport and post a link if you have it so those who want it don’t have to search. thanks!

There have already been several posts about this.

The first time I used this form I signed electronically and was told that Citizens won’t accept an electronic signature.

You did not know they make up whatever crap they want :roll:

No offense to you intended just to them :smiley:

They truly suck and should be shut down and the higher ups prosecuted for the crap they pull.

Amen Mike

My refusal must not be far away. I spent the money on the software to have forms and pics all inclusive with digital signature. Now we have to go back to the “old fashioned way” where they call you and say we don’t have the pictures.

Can some of you send me the email with the refusal to accept you form and signature and the form that was returned? I would like to see what you are calling a digital signature. We use an electronic signature and have never had any returned.

Gotta love them well thought out documents!! Less than 1 month old and its already been revised!!!

I’ll send you one in the am.

E mail sent.

I had the same request by AAA on one I did recently stating my electronic signature would not be accepted by Citizens. I printed the signature page, signed it, scanned it and emailed it to the agent. How ridiculous is this? If they want a wet signature, one would assume that it would be an original signature on the form requiring the form to be mailed or hand delivered. Anyway for you to confirm with your contacts at Citizens what they are requiring? Again, I only had this request once so far.
Bob Wisnewski

I wonder how they can tell when the document was signed before scanning or after?

They’ve sent mine back at times as well but not always, just depends on the underwriter you get I guess.

We are talking a digital signature not a facsimile or electronic copies.

The first digital signature I used typed out the persons name. It wasn’t the actual signature, but it does state next to the name that it is an “electronic digital signature”. I had a couple agents say they couldn’t accept it, so I called Citizens and spoke to 3 different Supervisors (over a 5 month time frame), and they all told me that they’ve accepted digital signatures since 2005. I still had a couple bounce back from agents that said they wouldn’t accept them. I finally wrote and email and asked the to confirm (in writing) that they accept digital signatures and I got a reply back from a Citizens Customer Care Rep who stated that she spoke with underwriting and found that they “DO acccept digital signatures”. I’ve attached a copy of this email to some of my wind mit forms and STILL had an underwriter tell an agent, “we’ll accept it this time, because he has a letter, but the letter is from customer care”. Whatever!! I finally got a pad for signatures.

I had the same prolem with them and one other company. I changed the text signature to a script one and have not had a problem since… It is still a digital signature but looks hand written.