Four Point Question

Good evening everyone,

I recently began to offer four point services and most have been pretty cut and dry so far. However today I inspected a home and I have a few questions about the electrical if anyone cares to answer.

This house was built in 1922 and then moved in the 1950s.

The main panel on the outside of the home had a 100 Amp breaker and the house had 4 sub panels. 3 on the inside of the home and one right next to the main. The sub panel next to the main had a 60 amp breaker. My question is what do I list the service size as? I was thinking 100 but I want to make sure this is done correct. The power meter is 240 V. I attached some photos also.

Also I attached a picture of the waste line from a sink fixture. Is this copper or some type of metal with corrosion? I know its uncommon for the waste pipes to be made of copper.

Thanks for the help.

Sub Panel B.JPG


Main Panel.JPG

If by main panel you mean the service panel, then you have 100 amp service.
The panel box in the second picutre is improperly bonded. The grounds and neutrals need to be separated.
Hard to tell by your picuture, but the line looks to be caste iron.

Thanks Mr. Siegel,

I though cast iron was black in color. Can cast iron be that shade of brown?

You found nice one Justin.

The pipe looks to be an iron (galvanized) and not cooper pipe because of the large connector. Add a magnet with a handle to your tools. The magnet will not stick to copper or brass.

Thanks for the information. I will be adding the magnet to my tools right away. This is a useful little tip!

Justin Deese

Make sure you do not touch the magnet on the power wires. LOL:roll:

You report the MAIN incoming service only -
Then - if there is only one main breaker (100 amp) you state what it feeds.
" Main is GE 100 amp panel with one (1) main breaker that controls 4 sub panels …

Just like with a MAIN fuse disconnect.
The Main Fuse controls a breaker sub panel w…