4 point defect?

I am curious to what you all think about this. Would you call it an exposed conductor? The pictures are from the outside of the building at the service entrance. The cb’s are enclosed in a box that clips closed. I believe it is dangerous but want you guys opinions to make sure I am not hurting a client unnecessarily. I do not know how they could fix it because it is tight against what is there. I “think” FPL is the one that did and left it like this but I do not know for sure. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

4 pt electrical (2).JPG

4 pt electrical (2).JPG

4 pt electrical (1).JPG

Yes an issue . However you look at it it is still an open breaker slot.
They must be using a different cover or that main is of another brand.

That was all that was there. that was inside the box and the whole box closes. I am thinking the same thing as you but no matter how much crap i will get for it when I tell a client or homeowner I will look into something further I do :slight_smile:

I Just cannot figure out a way to have the guy fix it that I would accept. Any suggestions on a proper fix would be appreciated.


You can get the blanks for panels at Lowes or HD

It is so tight I am not sure they would fit.

If blanks won’t fix it, I would “recommend a qualified electrician repair as necessary”. Let them figure it out.

I guess I’ll suggest he go get a couple and give it the ole college try :slight_smile:

Problem is they will not likely want to pay a qualified electrician who fix it then could fill out a citizens form and they would be done. They will likely do it themselves then they will have to pay to have me come back to verify as well. It really sucks if it is not right then :frowning: 4 POINTS SUCK

You called out a safety issue and got paid. What sucks about that?

Definite hazard.

I had one just like that & told the client it’s usually the cheap fixes that can hurt ya.
When I went back, he covered it with duct tape. :shock:

I hate telling folks they have to spend money when I know how they feel :neutral: I have seen the duct tape ones before and call them out as well. Usually nothing is in the spot. This one is different for me because something is in the spot and it is not empty I just think and all seems to agree unsafe. But I did the guy a solid by asking around. I will always admit to being wrong :slight_smile:

That’s how I would call it.

But what do you do when you go back? Is it a blank or No FIX? I have seen electricians do some squirrely stuff as well as homeowners.

Definitely a hazard. The plastic blanks should work ok if they don’t protrude too much into the breaker. I usually carry a supply with me just for this. Looks like somebody removed the metal knockouts that said “DO NOT REMOVE” on them.

I agree definitely a hazard.
What other simple fixes does anyone make or not make to help out clients?

C’mon, Mike!

It is an obvious defect. And you should know that FPL does not install the panels at the house.

They provide a service drop or service lateral and it gets connected to equipment provided by an electrician.

ther eis nothing complicated here. This is a Perfect Example of what a 4 Pt Insp is sposed to do for the Ins Carrier!

You are correct Pete.

The “fix” may be a replacement inner panel as the manufacturer, if I am not mistaken, has a sticker over those tangs which states, do not remove.
Then again, maybe a metal plate riveted in place would suffice… :roll: :roll:

After all…some do what is “best for their clients”…

Mike, that panel has been installed incorrectly.Whoever did it bodged the installation. To tell your customer to “just install a couple of service blanks” is not good advice. Whether its for a four point or a home inspection, that should only have one comment. Call a qualified electrician, and get it fixed! Covering up a bad job, doesn’t make it go away! Do you have a picture with the cover removed?

yep here it is.