Outside Spigot

Should the piping as seen in this pic be showing. Or should it be covered by stucco.


It’s a miracle, they actually tooled a sealant joint around the sillcock…looks good the way it is from here…but FL is a different world especially Disney City

Why is the stucco in the grass?..block or concrete?

Was going to ask the same question. Is this EIFS?

Oh no not that Everything Is Failing Severely material, bet there’s that new black gold behind it

That actually looks like something someone made up out of a boiler drain.
In my neck of the woods ,where it freezes in winter, we use frost proof /anti-siphon hydrants that have a plastic flange that screws to the wall leaving no visible pipe.
Does florida require anti-siphon hydrants? That one appears not to be.

It looks like it may have something like this

Vacuum Breakers permit the attachment of portable hoses to hose thread faucets and prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage.

Thank you Mr.Kage.

Perhaps things are done differently a hunnert miles north of here, but in this area we don’t use EIFS (thankfully!), and the hose bib looks to be a normal installation.

We still see a few of those around although most of them have been replaced with freezeless hydrants.

It’s actually a MIP boiler drain screwed into a FIP fitting (maybe a 1/2 galvanized coupling) being used as a sillcock.
About the only difference between a boiler drain and a sillcock is the sillcock has a flange with screw slots and female threads.

It’s supply pipe has to be shut off and drained in cold weather anyway so other than aesthetics, it really doesn’t matter how much of it is hidden.