FREA Errors & Omission & General Liability Insurance

Thanks to Ben Garrison (FREA) I am once again receiving my General Liability Insurance free this year.

I have been a FREA member for 6 years now and I have been very satisfied.

I highly recommend FREA to any Home Inspector who is looking for a great Insurance Company.

I would also like to add, Nick Gromicko has also supported me in every way.

Thanks FREA!


From some of the shopping around that I have done recently, it looks like FREA is slightly higher than most of the other companies out there. I haven’t called them up yet for a individual quote yet, but will first thing Monday morning. How did the quote they gave you compare to other providers?


Although I want the best, I realize I may have to pay a little more for it sometimes.

Is FREA still offering free GL for 2009?



I’m sure this goes without saying (writing), but you obviously have to keep your E&O in place to keep your FREE GL insurance through FREA.

Thanks Ben!

We might be doing some business this year. I’m a loyal Bob Pearson client, but their long term occurance policy appears to have went the way of the dinosaurs.

I’ll be in touch…

FREA is a little bit more in some cases, but they have in-house counsel that wacks out complaints before they unravel. That is why FREA is worth it. The free GL insurance makes it a super deal and the free GL is available exclusively for InterNACHI members.

You’re in good hands with Bob. So he is not still offering the occurence, right? I just checked out your LinkedIn page. You’re a CMI? Keep in mind that CMI’s have a ZERO deductible with FREA’s policy. Food for thought.

Ben Garrison writes:


So Ben, let me ask you a question… If an InterNACHI member is also a CMI, does he/she get free General Liability and Zero deductible both?



Thanks for the CMI info. I was unaware of that benefit. I heard from Bob at the ITA Vegas Show that occurance policies were on their last legs industry wide. In communicating with him late last week, he’s still looking for a possible replacement occurance carrier, but not looking good.

Bob’s been perfect to work with. I have nothing but positive experiences with Allen Insurance. Having said that, they’ve been one of the few companies to offer a high end full blown occurance policy with all the bells and whistles. It’ll be time to shop the market this year.

Thanks again,

Ben, our teams play each other this weekend. Care to make it a bit exciting. I’ll give you San Diego and 6 for $100. Let me know.

I’ll see your $100 and raise you another hundo. $200 and your on. After all, the season is coming to a close and my degenerate gambling will wind down with it.