FREA has done it again

This will be my 8 th year (2010) renewing my E&O and GL insurance with FREA. WHY?

1.) Easy to work with
2.) They always forward my renewal statements to the states I hold home inspector licensing in.
3.) FREA is always rated at the top on the industry
4.) They provide easy payment options if necessary
5.) And, once again for being a member in good standing with INACHI the GL coverage was free again this year for me.

Thank you again “Ben Garrison” :slight_smile:

Our pleasure. We appreciate the continued support from Nick and InterNACHI!

We just need the zero deductible for inspectors with >3 years and zero claims and all will be well.

If you’re a CMI, which you appear to be, you have a Zero deductible. Please do not get any claims! :wink:

Thanks! I hope to continue with no claims! Never even had a complaint.
Some Rock Hill SC agents are really afraid of me though, it seems many have never read a real inspection report until they saw one of mine. You might want to raise the E&O premium on agents who only refer clients to the less thorough inspectors.

Knock on wood!

The closest we come to insuring agents is the agent/broker referral indemnity (built in to your policy) that will provide some coverage for them in the event they get sued for referring you as an inspector.

I have found that this is a good “selling point.” When agents and/or clients hear that I am insured with a $0 deductible, they seem to be impressed.

The agent indemnity referral coverage is appealing to them as welll for obvious reasons.

I have a policy with them with all kinds of bells and whistles attached. I know I am paying a little more that some of the other quotes I have received in the past from other companies, but I know I am getting better service and more bang for my buck. Having a zero deductable and free general liability coverage is very nice compared to some of the other companies. I also have a 10k bond with them because I thought it would be good to have.

If you spend enough for any product, it is customary for the merchant to throw something in for “free”.

Jeff Pope writes:

Yep. CMI is awesome It is an exclusive zero-deductible deal for CMIs.

And FREA offers InterNACHI members free General Liability insurance: This is also an exclusive deal that no other inspectors get.

Go FREA!!!