Free 1-day commercial inspection business seminar.

$249 if you are in Colorado.
Free if you are outside of Colorado.

Kewl sounds like a plan. all registered and trying to get the daughter who works for Double Tree to get me reservations. Just got to back the bags.

I don’t know if you are near/or know Brenda & Paul Roebuck of TPREIA, but they registered already and maybe you could car pool?

Also, are you coming by pickup truck? If so, let me know. I’d offer you $$$ to pickup something for me down there and bring it to me.

No truck any more if we don’t fly I may rent a truck and take a several extra days so we can sight see on the way there and back. In fact that might make brownie points with the wifie since I haven’t taken her anywhere in quite sometime. Let me do some checking and I will let you know in a day or so.

Are you still needing something hauled up from down here in Texas. I am still planning on coming to the commercial seminar in a few months and I am making plans and reservation now. I believe I am planning to drive up. Give me a shout so I can make plans. (713) 494-3721