Free 2-day inspector educational event in Lubbock, Texas on April 24-25, 2015.

This is a great example of fellow organizations uniting with InterNachi where we share common interests. Industry related programs and speakers in general would be of great interest.

Question: Can we set up a webcam where everyone can participate via a live broadcast in some manner? It’s a relatively easy proposition whereby everyone could benefit across the country…

Fred Buck and I are looking forward to our Lubbock visit. The region that this class should serve is about 600 inspectors strong so I aniticipate a good showing. The venue will determine the acceptance of your registration so get your name in soon.
The classes will be strong, Fred is a master plumber addressing the plumbing class and he/I will tag team the SoP-Ethics-Legal class.
Should be a good couple of days.
Mike Cothran

Awesome! Look forward to learning and meeting other inspectors. See you there!

Looking forward to a great class with great participation. Thanks Fred and Mike! Maybe there will be interest in a chapter in the area.

Listened and learned a lot at this event. The Lubbock Fire Marshall came and spoke on CSST and I was very impressed with his stand on it. Thanks to TPREIA & InterNachi for making this class happen! Looking forward to the next one…

I was indeed a very good class, as good on site classes do…interaction between the instructors and the attendees was brisk and that maximizes learning. The cherry on top was the Lubbock Fire Marshall who is a not bull kinda guy.

Also on the schedule was an exploratory meeting with a small earnest group of inspectors who rightly feel that a Chapter in this greater area is important.
Please contact James Price or Jeremy Hunley
They are having a founders planning meeting to determine the protocols for the chapter.
I really like these guys. Salt of the earth. Actually I am honored to be part of all of my Chapters