Free 3 months of Full View Digital Marketing for InterNACHI members.

I use these guys. They did a good job for me. I should go back and ask for my free three months :slight_smile:

That’s enough for me. I added them to in the deals section.

I’m going to talk to them later today - Sounds very interesting!!

Ok - Just signed up!! Ian is a great guy and really knows his stuff!!

Thanks for the InterNACHI member savings Ian.

My pleasure. I have a lot of fun working with you guys!

I have been using the same SEO company for around 10 years.
Not pleased with results for a while now.

Just put in a request Ian. :slight_smile:

I signed up and I am already seeing results… just Amazing. Ian is also a great person to deal with…friendly…polite and gets the job done! Thank you!:smiley:

Thank you, and you’re welcome!

I want to let all know Ian was not able help me.
He already has a client in my service area.

I’m not pleased he couldn’t help, however
I am very impressed to see someone with such high ethics,
that’s for sure!

Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you, but I’m glad you appreciate my ethics. I will only work for on inspected per service area. But you are a great inspector and a nice guy, so let me know if you ever need anything at all!

Thanks Ian.
I guess I’m the first on your waiting list. :slight_smile:

PS>> How’s it going up north there?
I’m from Albany originally, but happy to say I left in 1969 vowing to never return.
I never did.

Lol! Really? It’s going good here (cold as always). I grew up in south Albany, what area are you from? Why did you vow to not return?

Grew up on Pinewood Ave, Hackett Blvd, then Freeman Road (off of New Scotland).

My family was abusive & my so-called friends were cruel/mean back stabbing jerks.
The family business was Albany Poultry Company down on Green Street & Woodcraft Construction Co.
in Latham on the “4 Corners”.

They told me I was running away from the business & I’d be sorry.
When I left I told them I was going to college.
They said “wha?? how did you do that? Where?”
I did not tell them anything more, just said goodbye forever.
I was 19 years old & am proud I was a “pioneer” in Florida back then.
Made it all myself with no support from anyone.

Wow, good for you. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. I grew up just 10 minutes from you (just a few years later though). Small world…

I just did an inspection on Hacket…

The only thing I have fond memories of was the weekend drives up in Thatcher Park!

Thatcher park is still as beautiful as ever. The overlook is one of the best views in all of NY. They almost closed it down a couple years back because of budget cuts, but the community got together and literally brought it back with volunteer efforts. I did an inspection up the road from there just 2 months ago and loved it