Exclusive deal for InterNACHI members from The Web Inspectors

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Wow, I don’t know what to say except for that’s a lot of money to have someone critique a website. It did make me laugh though. A Visual, Non Invasive Inspection of the website and even has their own Standards of Practice.

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If that made you laugh, you’d probably get a kick out of what we’ve done with our Spectora reports.

But, if our service is seen as a simple website critique, then we’ve really missed the mark with our marketing efforts. I certainly appreciate you making that connection and we will look at other ways to better portray our service as a true inspection.

Thank you for your feedback on our pricing. I agree that the price would seem high for a website ‘critique’. But that’s not exactly what we do.

Our inspections generally take two to three hours to complete on average. In addition to testing both usability and performance with multiple tools, we spend a considerable amount of time ‘walking the property’ to identify defects and areas that do not follow best practices. We also deliver a detailed report that ranks the defects so our clients know what they need to focus on first.

We like to think that if fixing the defects we find on your website results in bringing you even one more client, then the inspection has paid for itself.

Thanks again for your feedback!


You guys are over doing it with the “Inspector Lingo”.


Shane, I love you already man. If I still drank, I’d have a cold beer with you.

I love how you are in tune with the websites, like I am with structures. I am visualizing you doing a Macro and Micro approach and I don’t know what you look like but I’m going with Charlie Brown “Chuck” off of Peanuts.

I like to feel around and I listen to what the residence is telling me.

Are you like that and does the website talk to you as well?


The only time a website talks to me is when I enable text-to-speach to perform an ADA compliance audit.

Good Grief!!! Maybe I should add that as an ancillary service to my website inspection process.

Thanks for the love.


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I think this is a pretty cool idea. And it is only $226 and another $50 off so only $176? That’s actually a pretty good deal to have someone comb over your website, in my opinion.

Do you offer “repair” as well @sdaily2 ?


Thank you for your feedback and your question.

We strongly feel that offering to repair the websites we inspect would be unethical.

The Spectora reports we generate identify all observations (defects) as either “DIY” or “Qualified Professional”. At this time, there are very few that fall into the “Qualified Professional” category.

I believe that a majority of website owners have either hired a professional to create/maintain their site or have created the site themselves. In both of these cases, there is usually a person with enough experienced to make the appropriate changes. For the rare exceptions, I would certainly be happy to help find them the assistance they need.


The Web Inspectors

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I’ve created a ‘Page Performance Analysis Tool’ to help me streamline my Website Inspection process. The tool is in beta testing, but I’d like to temporarily offer this as a free service to InterNACHI members who are curious about their website’s performance. Just head over to https://thewebinspectors.com/internachi/ and fill out the form labeled “Free Page Performance Analysis for InterNACHI Members” to receive your report in PDF format.

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