NXT Inspekt is free to InterNACHI members for 5 years

InterNACHI, the Inspector Services Group, and NXT Inspekt announce extension of 5 year free trial period for InterNACHI members through 1st quarter of 2022. The program has been an amazing success and it is simple to enroll.

Step 1: sign up at NXTinspekt.com
Step 2: email Nathan@Nathan.tv to claim your free 5 year trial of the most advanced inspection administration software in the industry.

There is no catch. Hundreds of members have already enrolled and our commitment to the industry is firm. Anything we can do like this to show solidarity with the two largest entities in home inspection is a win for all.

P. Nathan Thornberry

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and he is back!
Lively times ahead!!!


Of course he is. A fresh ‘crop’ ripe for the pickin’, and Nick servin’ him up to those being ‘unaware’!!

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Nice of Nathan.

What is nice of Nathan???

Any one who was a member in earlier years will be inoculated towards the potential misuse of customer information.

In general, that trend is disturbing for consumers. Homegauge, warranties, insurance, etc.

I guess that is where the big money is - data aggregators. Wonder what Nachi’s extent is in that field.

  • past members will be inoculated, except for the message board idiot

I thought you read it.
Step 2: email Nathan@Nathan.tv to claim your free 5 year trial of the most advanced inspection administration software in the industry.

:clown_face: Do you remember anything? I know you were a message board member at that time. You don’t think he will be selling inspectors, and even more importantly, your clients information to third parties?

It isn’t free, and you are obtuse to not see that you are the product. Nathan’s product that he will be selling is your information, provided by you, for free.

Why are you giving your and your clients information away?

Nathan’s clients are insurance, security, contractor, govt., etc. You would be an unthinking, and unpaid, cog in the wheel part of a meta collection scheme.


Do you use it?

Let me apply the question this way. You think Nick would allow a vendor to do to the members as you suggest.
I remember all the hypothetical hysteria.

Why would I? I am happy with Horizon.

John. It is in poor taste that a professional such as yourself uses childish illustrations to defend a position. I expect better. As well, assumptions are just that. (A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.)
So to answer your question, “Do you remember anything?” what a question… I remember the shit show and many of the instigators as if it was yesterday.

I personally talked to P. Nathan Thornberry over the phone many years back when I became an InterNACHI member. Nathan out of the kindness of his heart offered to help me and my company achieve great success, all for free. In other words, no fee/for free.
Shortly after, there came hand full of InterNACHI members, the same complainers and their cohorts, lighting dumpster fires. Moreover, the personal attacks’ by some members was totally uncalled for. The lead culprit in starting the abuse towards P. Nathan Thornberry was Joe Farrsetta. Then chairing InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics Committee. (Lol) His voice was silenced by the founder and I and many InterNACHI members were happy. He had a very crude and unprofessional way about him.

John, we are all mostly professional and business men and women offering a products or services in the North America’s home inspection industry. If you do not wish to partake in an offer offered by the founder, avoid the thread al together.

Personally I wish P. Nathan Thornberry all the best with his endeavors. I wish anyone taking up the offer all the best. P. Nathan Thornberry family, his father, has a long standing provenance in the home inspection industry. They have been very successful with their endeavors and I wish them continued success.

Have a good day, John.
Kind regards.
Robert Young

The grammar and sentence structure used in the responses show that, again, someone has hacked Robert Young’s Nachi member account.

Historically, RY’s responses are poorly written with more than a touch of sentimentality.

If I remember correctly Nathan was kicked off the Nachi Message Board for some nefarious actions on his part. He was arrogant and combative with inspectors. Now he is back with another way to sell clients information.

His commonly used nickname, which I never used, was Dingleberry. I agree that, at that time, it was childish of those members to refer to him as such. If you can illustrate how my comments are untrue, I will retract them.

I do not, and neither should anyone else, equate Nick Gromicko and/or INachi with a third party vendor. You are obviously and seriously deficient in NG’s specific statements regarding other vendors. His policy was that he just provides a platform for vendors to advertise. Maybe that has changed with time, but highly unlikely due to liability concerns.

He has in the past specifically stated that he may or may not endorse those same vendor supplied services that he happens to post on the Message Board.

Are you a shill? For whom exactly?

As a professional, you should know there are no free lunches. Mr. Thornberry could alleviate concerns and show that he has turned a new leaf by openly publishing his privacy and data use policies.

That would be a professional practice, and so would not defending a service you currently do not use or truly understand.

I will bow out of any further discussion.

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Do you use it?

That’s what I thought. So your opinion claiming this is the most advanced software is worthless.


Just like other useless comments made by him.


I forgot what again, while you are just as contemptuous as always.

Refresh my and the members memory on this thread, Chris. Where did I claim this is the most advanced software? And I get trashed by John for supposedly not remembering. Lol…

My first post I said that was nice of Nathen. From there on I am condemned and incorrectly accused of not remembering past threads and how Nathen was scorned and attacked by members relentlessly.

Anyone have an tangible evidence regarding Nathen collected data nefariously.
If I am not mistaken, Joe Farsetta set in motion a legal hurdle for Nathen. How did that turn out?

Both services are still operating, Inspection Services Group / Nxt Inspekt and both come with limited free trial periods. That’s a lot of years of service.

“It is better to light a fart candle than it is to curse the gimmick vendors in darkness” - chinese proverb

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This makes more sense now with the Porch announcement. Increase the user base before the sale.