Need help selecting report software

I am new to the field and I am in the process of choosing a software, any suggestions / comments??

I use Inspector fx 8.5. The software is very easy to use and the clients seem to love it due to the fact that it’s very easy for them to read. The Real Estate agents like it due to the fact that you can add an addendum page at the end which will list all the problem areas of the home. I like it because it gives me the option of printing field report forms that I can take with me and use to gather all my data and then bring back to the office to transfer to the report. This was of great importance to me in the beginning because I did not want to go into a home and miss something by not having something to refer to. This makes it easy to stay on track and give you a great place to keep your notes and then in the end you can just take those and put them in the file with your report if you ever need to refer to those notes again. Check them out if you like, the software is put out by new image software and I think they have an add in the NACHI member store. Good luck.

I use Report host. No upfront fees, easy to use, client friendly, professional appearance, no upgrade charges and now you can do reports on site with a tablet or laptop. Cost is $5.00 a report or less. Go to for more info and 10 free reports.:slight_smile:

You want Inspection software?

Here ya go…

You can sift thru Dave’s list which probably consists of the 53.33% or you can go straight to HG which seems to fit the other 46.67%.

But then again it’s early in the game, more to follow.


Personally, I like a program that you can edit the comments on the fly. You’ll find that a lot of the canned comments in the software packages don’t alway fit the situation.

I use Inspect+ because I like the way the pages are formatted and that it’s Word based. Just my opinion.

With Reporthost I have had nothing but positive feedback from clients. It’s easy to use, insert photos, nothing to download or install, reports saved on server and first 15 reports free (for NACHI members) I’m not a representative for Reporthost or anything like that, but so far I think it’s working out pretty well. If you don’t have a photo resizing application, you will need to get one. (There are a lot of decent programs to download for free.) Just my opinion and I hope this helped. Lots of software out there for you to explore. Use whatever is the best fit for you. Good luck!

nice list, what are the options for mold inspections?



I use it and love its versatility!

How long have you used the software and what did you use previously? I currently use InspectVue.

John Lerch

I recommend HG and then sign up for their Gold service once you start your paid inspections.

I have been using reporthost for quite a while and am happy with it. I love the way you can customize it to fit your needs.

If the client wants a hard copy they can just print it out.

Mark, I sent you a message…

What do you want the report to do?
Do you want all the answers, or a report template that you can make your own, or a combo of both.

I just started trying out Report Host and I love it. I designed and used my own report which embeds in MS Word for 10 years. Things were slowing down because my database of deficiencies had gotten so large and out of hand. Because it was free to try, I decided to check out Report Host. I can move or create my own database to Report Hosts’ servers and they are available at a click. You can do this daunting task “as you go”. When you use something of your own for the first time in Rpt Hst just added it to your template. I think I am getting the best of both worlds. They have added several add-ons and upgrades to make things better and easier, and I’ve only been there a couple of weeks. You have no up front costs and at $5 a report, how many reports are you going to get out of a $600 program before the program is out of date and you have to upgrade again?

Have you ever had a hard time getting a canned concern because just doesn’t fit? Changing the template to fit is just a click.

I got 15 because of NACHI!

I’ve probably seen it, but I can’t place it.
Have a link?

Nope, never seen it.

Just curious, as mine is word-based, too.

One was left off the list:

Whisper Reporter -

… and maybe there are more lurking about.

I started with Reporthost and after awhile I moved to Inspect Express. Reporthost was too expensive when you look at the larger picture, but very good for starting out.

I’ve been using IE for about 1 1/2 years. There is a learning curve, but once I molded it for my style, it fits the bill well.