Free 90-day WDO Service Warranty for all InterNACHI members and their clients.

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Accepted By Mortgage Companies Without A Pest Inspection!

							 							 			 					 											 								 				[Mortgage companies accept]( the ServiceAccess agreement instead of  a pest inspection.  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA accept the  ServiceAccess agreement.  Only VA loans still require a pest inspection.

Is there any proof of this?

Are we supposed to imput the clients info on the form, and what is sent to them after their email is input? Are there any handouts for our clients?

I’ll try to get the owner on here to answer questions.

I can see where this can lead to confusion by many in that the only “warranty” that is being provided is that … if termites are discovered within 90 days, a “termite treatment” of undefined measures will be provided (of which $100 worth of it will be paid by the client). Termite damage is not covered.

This “treatment” will assuredly be minimal, allowing the applicator the opportunity to make a sales call for long term follow-up treatment and full warranty.

I wonder how hard it might be to disclaim termite activity from your home inspection while offering a “warranty” at the same time.

Like I said … this can create confusion and misunderstanding if not carefully and clearly communicated as being worth everything that the client is paying for it, IMO.

Owner/founder of this service will be here tomorrow to discuss.

The Mortgagee Letter 2005-ML-48 may be viewed on the website. FHA decided to follow Fannie and Freddie by not requiring a pest inspection unless the appraiser was to visually see an infestation. Page 3, of the letter.

Client information when registering for a free 90 day service warranty. At the end of the 90 day period we wish to offer the home buyer an option to continue the coverage. The date they register is the date we will begin the 90-days. We will send the buyer a 90-day warranty by e-mail once we receive the registration. S. Smith

So they could actually wait until their closing date to register?

BTW: Stephen is the owner. I gave him an invisible student/vendor membership so that he could answer any questions.

They could register once they have your inspection or at closing of escrow. We just need their contact information so we can offer them a continuation at the end of 90 days.

Is there a sample warranty that we could look at, so that we know what we are giving our clients?

I am a little confused. You say that we can simply give this to any client that we did a home Inspection for and it does not require any actual termite inspection? and that is acceptable for the lenders?

OK and what if there is a termite issue present :shock:?


Please view the terms and conditions on regarding the 90-Day Free coverage with a home inspection. Known infestations must be treated prior to coverage. If you see live termite infestation you should recommend a pest inspection to your client. If there is no known infestation you may offer the 90-Day service warranty to the client by registering online. We will send them the verification of coverage upon registration.

WDO inspections can only see about 30% of a structure and most if not all pest inspectors limit their liability to a short time of their inspection. The standard form of the PCO is good for the day of the inspection. In some states they will extend to thirty days.

The ServiceAccess agreement is free for 90-days and then we offer the buyer a annual renewable agreement.

You may view the terms and conditions that we send to the client when they register at and click on terms and conditions. Thank you, Steve

Almost all of my clients book a termite inspection with the home inspection, so I am already doing it.

I am trying to see the marketing aspect of this. How is there one if I am only mentioning the warranty if there is no bugs. If there is a treatment due to active bugs found, the company treating usually offers a one year warranty with the treatment.

Hard to believe you are offering free 90 day coverage without a WDO inspection. What’s to keep a dishonest buyer from registering a house with termite problems?

In FL a home inspector cannot comment on WDO infestation on a H.I. report. Only valid ID card holders or CPCOs can write a WDO report.

Same Question ?

WOW! This one went down fast.:roll: