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Thanks to Mike at TIJ

I sent an email to to see if NACHI can be added to the CEU credit list.:slight_smile:

I’ve taken several of these courses. Great material for education.

Agreed. I took one of there siding certification courses back in the day. Very good. I use there books for reference on phase inspections.

Last time I asked any of the AIA courses are approved and if they are not I have a butt load of credits to make up.

or maybe I don’t understand what you asked of NACHI???

Hi. Barry;

I took all 17 courses that were available in early 2005.

Very educational.
They have since added a few new ones I believe.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just thought it wouls be nice if NACHI was in the column heading like ASHI, NAHI and the others. I’ll let you know what happens.:slight_smile:

Michael, wondered that myself three years ago, do you know why?

Marcel :slight_smile:

No, but I am trying to find out and will report back here when I have something on it.:wink:

Mike at TIJ is typically 4 years behind the times. TIJ is like reading an old newspaper you find in an attic.

These from as far back as January, 2003:

If you want to know what’s going on in the inspection industry today visit

If you want to know what went on in 1972, stuff about shag carpeting, Gerald Ford, or 8-track tapes, visit the current posts at TIJ.

Here are some more great educational links:

And some more:

I think the point trying to be made is the fact that NACHI is not listed on the Certainteed site along side 9 other industry recognized associations??

All those links are great Nick, they were sooo easy to find. I see why we don’t need to make changes to the website. :slight_smile:

Brian, I hear ya.

Certainteed is across the street from NACHI’s Valley Forge office. I think back then, the reason for us asking to be listed at the bottom and not the top, was that NACHI doesn’t use CEUs, we use CE hours. See

I met with Chris in Philly on Wednesday and we are laying out the design of the new InterNACHI site which will include something similar to but for site navigation, member benefits, and online tool use (a sort of virtual tour guide to It really will be the 8th wonder of the world.

'Till then, is about the closest thing to a directory.

We asked to look like an also ran?
Nick, Please explain the differance between a CEU and CE hour.

As each org at the top has indicated how many CEUs each course is worth. I assume NACHI could also do this.

I contacted them via e-mail yesterday per your request and am waiting for a response. I’ll let all know whem I have an answer back.

I just heard back from Certainteed. Their response is below.

Hi Mike, [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]The reason it’s not listed at the top is not a slight to the organization. The reason is that NACHI doesn’t provide us with actual credit information per course because they allow their members to self report based on their actual time spent taking the programs. The chart is only to designate credit information from the various affiliations and because NACHI doesn’t provide any, they are not listed in the chart. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]We are actually changing the format for next year. The chart will be going away.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial] -------------------------My original request--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/FONT]
I am one of appx. 10,000 members of NACHI(National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)and very much appreciate your providing CertainTeed’s Professional Education Series for Continuing education. I would like to know if you could add NACHI to the column headings for Orgs that accept these courses for credit. NACHI is mentioned on the bottom of the page but as the largest home inspector association it should also be included with the other orgs on top. Your attention to this matter is appreciated. NACHI is a leader in providing education opportunities for Home Inspectors and supports Certainteed’s efforts along these lines to provide accurate education on your products.

Mike Larson

InspectraPro LLC

Hudson, WI

Thanks Mike!

Thankx ML