Free CMI emblems.

Very nice! I have been looking for someplace that will do decals from very small to put on existing brochures, postcards, etc. to a couple inches across. So far they all want to gouge me on the set up fee and it doesn’t belong to me so I balked.

We made these a bit smaller (more modest) than the InterNACHI ones

3 inches in diameter instead of 4.

I really like the gold in them!

Nice looking design, Nick.

I placed my order…Thanks.

Yep, they are nice, I already ordered me some. Thanks BTW.

Very Nice.

Yes, good looking and ordered/requested. :smiley:

Hi Nick I was looking at the CMI website and found this.

Visit the CMI message board (unmoderated and open to all). Hosting provided by InterNACHI.

When was someone going to inform me of the official CMI message board Change?

well done

…and rare.:cool:


WOW! Thanks to NICK and NACHI these are the correct size and look fantastic .
Love them they are going on our shirts.


Yes, I have to admit…This is one patch that was well designed and looks great. I’ll be placing mine on my left front pockets of my denim shirts.

I have a 20" C.M.I. emblem on the front of my van and look forward to placing the sew-on version on the front of my shirts.

I just want to show you all what the CMI emblem looks like after having it sewn onto my denim shirts…

Click to Enlarge"

Thank you very much Nick. These patches are great looking.