Free Echo?

Anyone get an amazon Echo as a gift this year? I just talked to my Mom who had been away from home visiting for the holidays and she says “did you get me this amazon echo?” No I didn’t Mom why? Well it is from amazon and is addressed “Mom” just the way you always address stuff from amazon. Anyhow they sent her one and I didn’t order it, and it is not on my orders. I don’t like those stupid things wouldn’t want one or give it to anyone.
Wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.

The Amazon Echo is fantastic. I bought one for my mother!! What did you hate about it?

Does she have her own Amazon account?

No, they don’t send out free Echo’s.

Doesn’t it listen to you 24/7?

I think I figured it out!! Mom said she was gonna take a nap or I would call and confirm… amazon is advertising the echo on their tape, so she thinks her box of truffles is an Echo. :lol:

According to Amazon no if you choose to believe them. :wink:

Of course any device that is listening at any time is suspect as a significant intrusion in privacy. There is currently an Arkansas murder case where the prosecutors are trying to force Amazon to hand over recordings from the suspects Echo device . Do they know something Amazon doesn’t want to tell you? :shock:

They are great! I got an Echo for upstairs and a Dot for the basement. We love music and information. It doesn’t listen or eaves drop on you…no. It is a total Jetsons experience. Lotta fun!

I have several in my house as well. You have to trigger them by saying “Alexa or Amazon.” They do listen at all times but don’t record until you say the trigger word.

I use mine to hear my calendar for the day, time to a destination, weather, sports scores, music, radio stations, alarm clock to get up, convert units when cooking, set timers in the kitchen, for the kids to find out where Santa was, control my thermostats, etc, etc…

Man, youse guys are frucked when Skynet actually flips the switch and takes control!

I installed a remote kill switch on our Internet connection so I can shut them all down!