FREE fold up chairs with beer holder.

NACHI continues to think out side the bubble what a great association .
We are for sure the leaders of all home Inspection associations .
Did you not do the same at Florida on computer projectors and many
chapters got one .
Thank you NACHI.

Mention a beer holder and the first two to respond are Canadian. :slight_smile:

Yeah, last year they wanted $400 a day to rent projectors so I bought 6 at $1,000 a piece and gave them away to chapter heads at the end.

We have 150 chairs to give away so if you are a local Ontario member… bring your truck.

I will have my van would like a couple any left over I will take them sell them and donate the funds to the NACHI Hard of hearing Foundation.

Thanks Nick!
Are you having them delivered or is someone picking them up from retailer? I can pick them up and deliver them for you if you like.

Great, I was looking to buy some new ones for myself and wife 4 kids, the wife and I will be there for the convention, if there’s a few left then I’d be thankfull for a set.
And the stickers can stay till they drop off, never know what kinda conversation they’ll drum up at the campgrounds this summer