FREE--Home Inspection Course!!![FONT=Arial][/FONT]

I took the course and failed.

I think you’re allowed three chances, so try again.:wink: :smiley:

Jae you are the greatest Thanks …Cookie

I am getting invalid menu handle.( whatever that means)

Now I see the problem

How can people be good HI’s if the can not post a good link and others follow it


Jae…You are a fountain of education…thanks…jim

That is an older ASHI power point, with some modifications.

Good pictures though. Makes a good “gag reel” for Realtor presentations.

Ahem…a certain somebody (who is not nameless) wants an easier course…

Way to go Jae. You are alway showing me why I made the right decision to ask you to become the Southern Ohio Regional Director of InterNachiOhio Chapter. Thanks again and keep up the great work InterNachi Member helping InterNachi Members :smiley:

I like the picture on Will Deckers video that shows a toilet installed
in such a way that it blocks anyone from opening or closing the
door. … Classic.

Is that what I am?? I hope doesn’t require staying awake at Chapter Meetings.

Sure…I post it two weeks ago and get two responses…Jae posts it two days ago and gets 11…where’s the love?? :lol: j/k Jae.

Some body say something?

Membership has it’s privileges!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: