Hi my name is Louie I just completed the professional Home Inspectors course at allied Schools. I am 50 years old with over 30 years experience in Construction with 15 years as a general building contractor. I retired from Construction last year but I feel I am to young to stop working all together… By looking over this board the Knowledge here speaks volumes.
So here I am a newbie Home Inspector in training, willing to learn all I can
Best regards

Welcome Louie.

Ask lots of questions but don’t expect everyone to agree.:wink:

Welcome Louie. You’ll find a wealth of information on this board.

Good luck!


Welcome Louie!

Hey Louie, welcome aboard.

Shuckin’s…we usually can’t get anyone to agree. I know I don’t agree with myself half the time,

…but welcome to the club, anyway.

I think your valuable experience will show itself on this board as time goes by.

Welcome. this place has everything to offer. Education, admiration and co-dependence!

We agree that Jae is a funny guy.:smiley:

I disagree Mr. Larson…

See what I mean Louie:roll:

Hey Louie,
Here’s your first bit of friendly advice…
Delete your first thread, and never again admit to being a “newbie” Home inspector. Certainly if someone asks, don’t lie. But don’t advertise it.
Good luck to you, and WELCOME! :smiley:

What do mean by “funny guy”…?:humph:

:roll:comical, good sense of humor, quick wit, not above pulling a leg or two.:cool:


Juuussssst Kidding…Welcome Louie

Oh…my mother used to call me a funny little man and I thought maybe…

Well, that was back when I was in the seventh grade. I was about 32 then.

My grandmother always stood up for me, though. I remember once my mom got mad at me and said I wasn’t fit to sleep with the hogs.

But Gramma, bless her soul, stood up for me–she said, " He most certainly is too!"

I miss her…and mom, too.

May your Gramma, Mom and you and the hogs rest in peace.

I miss mine too.

A picture is better than 1000 words Jae…:mrgreen:

Carefull what you ask for Brian!

Welcome to the best of the best Louie!

Welcome aboard. If there is anything I or we can do to help you out let us know. You have found the best organization in this industry so don’t be afraid to utilize it to help you.