Free Home Inspection

I generally give one free home inspection each year to a first time young couple home buyer or a single Mom with several children I pick. This year I am giving a Free bee to the Chamber of Commerce to auction off. Be curious what someone will end up paying for my basic $400.00 inspection ???

Congratulations! You just helped someone get a new iPhone or pay the cable bill or make the car payment on that 2 year old Mustang.

If it’s charity, why not give $400 your church or to someone too poor to live in a house, much less buy one?

Does it bring you more business?

Yes it generally does bring in more work word of mouth is how I advertise locally. To each his own, being to poor to live in a home generally comes along the path of being to lazy to work. I help those who help themselves

Occasionally, people fall on hard times due to circumstances beyond their control. Especially in this economy.

Let us know how the auction goes

I “donate” inspections for silent auctions on a regular basis. Maybe 6 or 7 each year. Most of the silent auctions I support are sports related - softball teams, baseball teams, hockey & football teams - all part of doing business and being part of the community.

i think its a great idea. good luck

Be nice if more would do that glad to hear what you do