FREE Infrared Certified certificate. Download and print yours now.

WOW free certs. Even if I am not certified for IR> Thanks Nick … LOL

Only if you’re willing to lie.:frowning:

Mark has a point,… Just so it doesn’t look like your certifying every Joe Blow out there, Maybe you aught to post the certificate requirements Nick. You cant read them until you log on,… i.e. members only.
The thread title can be misleading to the pubic and may lessen the credibility of the Logo, seal, or certification of the members who are using it and HAVE invested in IR training.

Cool… now instead of filling out the application and sending it in… IR inspectors
can go to this link and get thier certificate instantly (after completing all the steps).

I added this feature to the bottom of my IR Course Web Page…

Thanks Nick.


Thanks, the “certified” logo does not go with my web site background. This will help.