New Inspector Pages Web Sites

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to share a couple of custom designed Inspector Pages that we have recently gotten up and running.

I hope you all have begun to take advantage of all of the great features we now offer over at We’ve recently added more attractive and versatile designs for you and have put all the editing power in your hands. If you’d like help getting started or would like to have me create one for you just let me know. That’s why I’m here!

Why not post them here and see what the membership thinks of them… Roy

Kevin, mine needs some help. I can’t figure out how to add fb and twitter plugins, google +1, customize my site to match my logo, Im LOST!

Hey Kevin, Just a heads up, I think that Jessica was already working on a brochure for Russell which may come in handy for the site layout.

Yes sir, I have a sweet logo and brochure.