Thermography basics..Read this!

If you are really wanting to dive in to thermal Imaging…Before you buy one I suggest that you take all the free courses you can.
In the links below you will find a wealth of information that is vital in leaning how to use an IR imager. Many of the courses are free some have a nominal fee.
Even if the course is based on imagers that you may never buy you will still learn a bunch.
However, I’d be will to bet that if you just take the free ones you will come back to this thread and thank me…
Go ahead! Start your learning experience… It will be fun. Trust me.
Happy imaging !
1st Pro Inspection

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Roy is right on! :smile:

I truly believed anyone’s wanting to getting to this really needs to do the links I posted.


Just kidding :innocent:
Thanks for the links Roy!!! Bookmarked for when things slow down.

Morning, Roy.
I feel, rightly or wrongly, home inspectors purchasing IRT equipment, no matter the cost, helps that individual develop a better home inspection assessment.
Remember, quantitative or qualitative assessments.

Equipment and Selection, and how far they wish to continue along the infrared thermal imaging path, evolves.
Market yourself humbly, learn as you continue to evolve and thermal imaging is a great asset.

PS: Personally, I would refer an institute. Infrared Training & Infrared Certification from Infraspection Institute has a application course for InterNACHI Home Inspectors were the Course fees are deeply reduced. IR Inspections for Home & Building Inspectors.
Course curriculum: Basic Infrared Theory. Infrared Equipment. Infrared Building Inspections. Infrared Roof Inspections. Infrared Electrical System Inspections. Marketing.
Most here know Jim Saffrin. Jim is a co-founder of Jersey Infrared Consultants and a practicing thermographer with over 30 years experience. Nick Gromicko and Jim Seffrin put a package together for InterNACHI members. I highly recommend the course if you wish to have a solid footing in thermography.
Good luck everyone.