Free Log Home Inspection course. Huge. Open to all, not just members.

8 hours CE… very nice course.

There are a few Log homes here in Missouri, this would be great to have. Nick will there be any changes in the SOP that will include the Log home inspection ??

Thank you Nick, for your hard work and dedication to us all…

Aram…look to the left under the Standards of Practice link, at the top is another link for the Log Home SOP addendum (draft).

Spent a couple of hours going over it last night. Very in depth stuff. Good knowledge to have if you inspect log homes.

And a ton of great reference material linked in.

Awesome, thanks!

Many thanks to Erby and Brian Jones for starting the proofing process.

Great job kenton, it has been very informative and well put together, thanks also to Nick, for another great benefit.

They’ve already been added.

So Nick I just printed out my certificate and it says…4hrs credit…what gives ???..jim

You must be above average:D

LOL…I think not Mike…

James writes:

Fixed. Thanks!

It counts for 8 hours CE.