I would like to thank all of you who have made my “Inspecting Log Homes” course such a great and welcomed success. Log homes have been a passion of mine for over 30 years and I will bring the same passion to teaching HI’s how to inspect them.
There is a need for log home inspectors as there are only 5 worldwide…the market calls.
I am giving a certification class on log home inspection at the CATS facility in March where I will be teaching everything from the history of log homes, how there built, and types, to inspection, reporting and maintenance. This class will even learn how to build one…we will be starting the log house at the “House of Horrors” site. Inspectors are even coming from Florida to take part in this class… WOW!!
I would like to be able to bring the certification course to anyone who would like to have it…some feedback (where? when?) from those interested would be appreciated.
Also anyone with questions about log home inspections…I will be happy to answer them.



Hi Kelly, just wanted to let everyone know that log homes are out their and you will be asked to do one, oh, you need it done on Sat. OK, it happened to me to-day. Thanx Kelly for your class in Florida, and will be at the SWO meeting on March 18 to listen for some more info. Talk to you soon. \:D/ </IMG>


We have log homes in Northwest Florida and we would be happy to have you attend one of our monthly Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association meetings. Pensacola is Snowbird country so come on down. The beaches are snow white and the temperatures are in the 80’s. :cool:

Joe Lyvers

Meet Kelly and me at next Saturday.


I would be honoured to attend (and speak at) one of your meetings.
The snow is the only white here, and temps in the 80’s sounds like heaven right now

I would love to go Nick, but Orlando exhausted my travelling funds for this year. Besides, it’s toooooo coooold up there this time of the year!!! :lol:

I shovelled that white stuff up North too many years. Now I shovel white sand in my sandbox. And you’re right about heaven…this is God’s country…except for a little ole hurricane every now and then. Hurricane season starts in June and if you visit us now you’ll miss out on all that ***FUN. :cool: ***