InterNACHI releases new How to Inspect Manufactured & Mobile Homes course. Free.

How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes course.]( Free and online.

This is the largest inspection course InterNACHI has ever released: 42,000+ words, over 100 illustrations, photos, graphics and tables, 12 quizzes, and a 75-question final exam.

Many thanks to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for helping us develop this course. As you may know, HUD’s officials are invisible members of InterNACHI.

I wonder what it’s like to be a non-member. It must be like being in the excavating business without any heavy equipment.

Looks interesting.

It has gotten to the point where non-members, unable to avail themselves of all our , really shouldn’t be selling inspection services to the general public.

We need an emblem available only to those who complete the course. I love nachi emblems!

:shock: Wow Nick that’s one a heck of a statement to make. I don’t agree but…I’m a huge fan of the education benefits here and it’s THE main reason I am a member. You really can’t beat what this org. has to offer in terms of hours of course material.

done. very good course. many thanks!

William, did you seriously complete the course in 3.5 hours…that’s the time difference from your first post to your last…speed reader I say!:slight_smile:

yep. I know a fair amount about mfg homes so I skipped much of the detail I recognized. Got a 98 on the test.

That was a good course.

I took the class and learned a lot. I was surprised to not see it on the transcript of our classes with mention of Continuing Education hours, or even a Certificate of Completion. An oversight maybe???

I downloaded the certificate. It is not in the my educational log yet. Nick, has the staff working on it. Thanks to Nick and staff.

Thanks for the “Heads Up” Buck

Hi - the course is now visible on your transcripts and credits page.

Thanks Tim. I.T. Dept. keeping up with Education Dept!