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Log home education?

I built 2 log homes last winter with my buddy…his company, my sweat…there are tons of log homes in my area. Log homes have their own sets of problems and should require differnent inspection education…anybody know of any one that certifies inspectors in log home inspection?

If I could put that on my materials…I could dominate this market…and that is my goal.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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You may want to go over to the archives and do a search. I seem to remember the topic coming up several times, and I requested to be on a list when a Log Home Insp Checklist was created.
Also, check out the '06 convention site, I believe a class will be given there. The instructor will probably answer you in detail.

Let us know what you hear back!


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There was only 1 chapter, when I left a year ago.
Who’s heading up your local?


We have a 4 hour log home session at convention on Sat. Feb 4, if you’re interested. Also you might want to contact Bob Brown from CATS as he is the person responsible for bringing in Mr. Brownell for this session. From what I understand, this session will be expanded over the months to bring it up to a highly specialize course which could be multi-day. Bob can fill you in on the details, if and when it will be part of the CATS Caravan.

We have offered up a long list of high quality education for this years event and will continue to bring the best for our members. Check it out if you’d like and be ready to learn if you can make it.


Looks like it was put together by William Wallbaum…


I wish I could go to Florida…but not this year…thank you for the info though.

Hello all,

As time will not permit to go as in depth for something as specialized as log homes in the 4 hours at the convention a 32 hour certification course has now been completed (and will be offered through CATS). A specialized inspection report for log homes is very near completion and will be avaliable soon. By the end of February or early March we also hope to be offering a basic on-line course in log home inspection.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the convention.

Hope this info helps.


Sounds great! Look forward to it. :wink: