Free MIC signs.

I have a presentation they are setting up next week at a Realtors office that I would like one for. I signed up for ten signs months ago and never received any. Was I late signing up? I would take one if available although paying the postage to sending it back after the presentation is probably more costly than making the sign.

Any Canadian Inspectors used Move in Certified,
Pros? Cons? what have you found from using such a program?

For your sake, let’s hope not.

SSsssshhhh. This thing is a huge competitive advantage. You will find that once you inspect the home for the seller that he/she is selling, you most likely will get the inspection job from the seller on the home he/she is buying (if moving within your market).

This sucks up all the inspections in a market on both sides and allows you to catch them all upstream before a competitor even gets a shot at them.

And having multiple copies of your report spread out all over the seller’s kitchen table with a “Take one” sign on them, gets an actual real sample (the report) of the product you produce as a professional in the hands of all the folks who tour the home. Who are these folks? These folks are about to buy a home in your market and about to hire a what???

Prepare to own your market.